Solar Storage Battery 538V Lithium Battery 300kwh LiFePO4 Battery with BMS

Solar Storage Battery 538V Lithium Battery 300kwh LiFePO4 Battery with BMS

Model No.︰SPVLI-300KWH

Brand Name︰SANDI

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 87000 / pc

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

Solar energy Storage Battery 538V Lithium Ion Battery

300kwh Lithium ion LiFePO4 Battery Pack with BMS


Product introduction:

This product is composed of high quality lithium iron phosphate core (series-parallel connection) and advanced BMS management system. It adopts master-slave mode, which is convenient for monitoring and controlling the input and output system. The charging and discharging are independent, it can control the charging current of the AC charger and solar controller according to the battery temperature, voltage and SOC to better protect the battery cells from overcharging, overheating and discharging. It has high reliability and long life, products developed for applications such as solar energy storage, industrial and commercial energy storage, household energy storage, charging piles, data room and other applications.

The product adopts integrated design, higher integration, saving installation space; adopts domestic well-known brand high performance lithium iron phosphate cathode material, good core consistency, design service life of more than 10 years; the input and output circuit breakers are equipped with circuit breakers, which are safer and more reliable, front wiring, convenient installation and maintenance, easy operation; various functions, with single over-voltage/under-voltage, primary and secondary alarm protection, charge/discharge overcurrent, high temperature, low temperature, insulation and short circuit protection and recovery functions; strong compatibility, seamless docking with Inverter,solar charge controller, AC/DC charger, charging piles and other major equipment; communication interface forms, CAN2.0 and so on can be customized according to customer needs, convenient system remote monitoring and flexible use. High energy, low power lithium electric equipment, achieve higher energy supply, lower energy consumption, and reduce environmental pollution; adopt all-round, multi-level battery protection strategy and fault isolation measures to ensure the safe operation of the system.


LiFePO4 Lithium Battery with BMS System Introduction

lLong service life, 3000 cycles, service life > 10 years.

lIncluding BMS(battery management system) and LCD monitoring.

lIncluding battery cabinet, all battery cables are connected well.

lSafe and reliable.

lHigh energy density, strong endurance.

l5’’ touch screen LCD integrated communication, convenient for real-time monitoring of data.

lSafety and environmental protection.

lHigh cost performance, excellent quality, longer service life.

lPerfect protection functions: short circuit, over load, under voltage, over voltage and over heat protection.

lWe can customize 10KWH-500KWH lithium battery energy storage system.

lOur lifepo4 lithium battery with BMS(battery management system) including battery cabinet, all battery cables are connected well, including BMS and LCD display, when customer receive it then can directly use.

lOur lithium battery BMS also can manage solar charge controller and AC-DC battery charger intelligently charge battery based on battery actual status, can built battery charger in our battery cabinet.


Product advantages:

lAll-in-one design, high integration and space saving installation;

lUsing high-performance lithium iron phosphate cells, laser welding, good cell consistency, designed service life of more than 10 years;

lCharging and discharging are controlled separately, which is convenient and reliable to control charging and discharging. The discharge port will not be disconnected when over-charging, and the charging port will not be disconnected when over-discharging, the system has good stability;

lMaster-slave mode, passive equalization, can manage the equalization resistance, can set the equalization start voltage difference, and monitor the equalization resistance temperature, more intelligent and safe, and reduce the impact of barrel effect on system energy storage;

lBMS adopts NXP(USA) automotive-grade high-performance chips, with strong anti-interference, good reliability and wide temperature range;

lCAN2.0 communication interface, has the advantages of strong real-time performance, long transmission distance, strong anti-electromagnetic interference ability;

lSystem parameters can be set through the host computer, such as fan start/stop temperature, charger maximum current setting, charge and discharge current correction, SOC correction, with insulation leakage detection function to prevent oil leakage and short circuit of the cell;

lIntegrate solar controller, AC charger, BMS communication control, more safe and reliable;

lCell temperature management, can be automatically controlled with the air conditioner heater according to the cell condition to make the cell works at the most suitable temperature, and can be linked with the fire protection system as needed


Performance characteristics:

lSmall size and light weight, Maintenance-free;

lEnvironmental protection and pollution-free materials, no heavy;

lAccurately estimate the state of charge of the battery pack, that is, the remaining power of the battery, to ensure that the power of the battery pack is maintained within a reasonable range;

lBuilt-in BMS management system with comprehensive protection and monitoring control functions;

l5" LCD screen display, easy to operate, can check the temperature, voltage, working status, discharge current, dynamic and static SOC algorithm of a single cell, local display of alarm info, alarm level distinction, accurate positioning of abnormal cells;

lMain control MCU can be centrally controlled and manage peripheral settings (AC charging module, inverter module, solar charging module) to adjust the charging current and voltage of peripheral devices according to the battery charging curve, making the system more reliable;

lBMS battery management system, with SOC automatic calibration and high current passive balance function, combined with perfect operation control and management strategy, to achieve accurate and efficient management;

lEMS energy management system, BMS with solar controller/AC charger, inverter centrally manages charge and discharge, effectively controls the charge and discharge current within the cell usage conditions, protects the cell and extend its service life;

Accept OEM & Customized

How to choose high cost performance product?

LiFePO4 battery is safe, reliable and long service life more than 10 years after 3000 cycles.

Introduction of PV LIFePO4 battery energy storage integrated inverter system:

1. Sandi PV off grid LiFePO4 battery integrated machine includes LiFePO4 battery and BMS system, solar charge controller, off grid inverter. This system is stable and reliable, the installation is convenient and easy.

2. 5 inch big LCD touch screen system integrated communication, which is convenient for real-time monitoring of data.

3. GPRS system remote host computer communication, PV off grid LiFePO4 battery integrated machine can replace ordinary lead-acid or gel battery energy storage system.

4. Perfect protection function: BMS management system, short circuit, over load, under voltage, over voltage, over heat protection.

5. We can customized 10KWH-500KWH solar lithium battery energy storage system. 

Solar energy Storage Battery 538V Lithium Ion Battery 300kwh Lithium ion LiFePO4 Battery Pack with BMS system

Solar energy Storage Battery 538V Lithium Ion Battery 300kwh Lithium ion LiFePO4 Battery Pack with BMS system

Solar energy Storage Battery 538V Lithium Ion Battery 300kwh Lithium ion LiFePO4 Battery Pack with BMS system


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Standards Certificate︰ CE, ISO9001

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