Inverter DC to AC 40KW 3 phase off grid solar inverter
  • Inverter DC to AC 40KW 3 phase off grid solar inverter
  • Pure Sine Wave Inverter Off Grid Inverter
  • 40KW pure sine wave inverter
  • 40KW DC to AC Inverter
  • 40KW voltage converter
  • off grid DC AC solar power inverter

Inverter DC to AC 40KW 3 phase off grid solar inverter

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Product Description

Inverter DC to AC 40KW 3 phase off grid solar inverter


Product Description


SANDI SDP series Off Grid Pure sine wave inverter is one of the most advanced DC to AC conversion products in the world, it is suitable use for areas without electricity, vehicles, ships, solar energy, wind turbine and other renewable energy systems and etc, can supply power and provide guarantee effectively for the areas with traffic inconveniences, in the mountains, pastoral, border, island and other areas without electricity. It has the main advantages of high quality sine wave AC output, microcomputer control, humanness design, and it ishigh efficiency and low no-load loss, and no pollution. The inverter can also supply AC power to all kinds of electric equipment, air conditioners, electric motors, refrigerators, fluorescent lights, televisions, electric fans and other industrial power supply. 



Technical Features:


Technical Parameters 


  • Using the fifth generation efficient IPM intelligent module from Japanese Mitsubishi, high efficiency and stable performance. It with powerful protection function, the protection for short circuit, over load, over temperature is more safe and reliable. It’s service life can up to 15 years or more.

  • Intelligentized, modularized, simple structure design easy to maintenance.

  • Two kinds of start mode: Reduction Voltage Start and Variable Frequency Start. Customers can set start mode according to the type of their load. This function is very convenient for users and also reduce frequency converter’s usage, which reduced the cost of equipment investment, easy to connect wires and control.

  • The output frequency can be setting via LCD panel, it’s very convenient for customer.

  • The output voltage can be set between -40 % to +20 % of rated voltage. And the output voltage is very accuracy ±1%.

  • The DC input voltage range can be set. Over-voltage point, under-voltage point, over-voltage recovery point, under-voltage recovery point all can be setting via the LCD panel.

  • Pure sine wave output. With good dynamic response less than 50MS, waveform distortion rate smaller, higher conversion efficiency and stable output voltage.

  • Low frequency transformer which ensure the DC busbar and AC busbar are completely isolated to avoid interference.

  • Wide input voltage can be set according to customer’s requirement. Input voltage range can be selected from 100-400V or 400-800V, suitable for solar/wind system without backup batteries, it can save many cost and maximization use the solar/wind energy.

  • Using SVPWM space vector algorithms, high conversion efficiency, high instantaneous power and low losses conversion efficiency up to 94%.

  • Powerful data display function. LCD can display the DC input voltage, output frequency, phase voltage, phase current, AC bypass input voltage, output power KWH, time and date, temperature, fault code display.

  • European CE (EMC, LVD) certificate, accredited by Australian CEC, ERAC energy network.


  • RS485 remote monitoring;

  • Can addAC bypass complementary function;




Isolation mode

Low Frequency Transformer

DC Input

Rated voltage (Vdc)




Rated current(A)




AC Output

Rated output power



Output waveform

Pure Sine Wave

Rated Voltage






Single phase

3 phase 4 wire

Single phase

3 phase 4 wire

Rated current(A)


45.5A (phase current)


61A (phase current)


50Hz or 60Hz

Rated output voltage range (V)

220/230/240/380/400/415V/440/480AC optional

Power Factor(PF)


Overload Ability

150%, 5 seconds



Waveform distortion rate (THD)

<3%(Linear load)

Dynamic Response (0 to 100% load)




Running mode

Working continuously

Electrical insulation properties

2000Vac, 1 Minute

Protection Function


Input reverse polarity, under voltage, overvoltage, output over-current, short circuit, overheating etc.

Cooling method


Short-circuit protection

No automatic recovery, need to restart the machine

Working environment

Noise ( 1 meter)


Degree of protection


Working Altitude(m)


Working temperature


relative humidity


Mechanical dimension

Depth* Width * Height


Weight (Kg)





Our Services


Q 1. What's the payment term?  

A. We accept T/T (bank transfer),Western Union,Paypal, MoneyGram.


Q 2.How's the delivery time ?

A. Usually it will take about 3-10 days for production, depend on the quantity of order.


Q 3.Tell me the standard of package?

A. For the small capacity, it use carton, but for big capacity, we should use honeycomb carton or  wooden case on pallet for protection.


Q 4.Would you accept to use customer's logo ?

A.It's no problem to do OEM.


Q 5.We want to know month capacity.  

A. It depends on which model.For example for relay type small capacity , month capacity can reach near 2000pcs  and big capacity near 500pcs.

Q 6.Where is your market?

A. Our products are popular in Australia,South America,Philippines,Italy, America, Pakistan and so on.Some of them are our regular customers and some of them are developing. We hope you can join us and make mutural benifit from our cooperation.

Q 7. What kind of certificate you have ?

A. Our company already achieve ISO9001, and for products, we have CE, VDE, SAA, G83 G59 etc .


Q 8. What is the warranty period ?

A. Normally 1 year ,if order quantity enough can be extended to 3 years.


Q 9.How about the lifetime?

A:The life time for inverterl is 15-20years.


Lead Time
1.Sample orders will be delivered from our factory within 3-7 working days.

2.General orders will be delivered from our factory within 15-30working days.
3.Big orders will be delivered from our factory within 45 working days at most


1.By EMS,DHL,FedEx,TNT,UPS or other express.

2.By our forwarding agent(by air or by sea).

3.By your own forwarding agent.

4.By domestic forwarding agents to any city in China.


About us

1. Our products have approved by CE (EMC&LVD), SAA (AS4777, AS3100), G83/1 and G59/1 certificate and we have top engineers to provide technical support and the products using the most advanced technology all the time.

2. We provide project consulting , system design and system solutions for customers.

3. We accept OEM and small trial orders, contacting with us now for more information. All inquiries will be replied with 5 hours.



Skype: katrina0682 

E-mail: zjsandi at   

Mobile phone: +86 13858880682+86 13858880682

WhatsApp ID: +86 13858880682


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Inverter DC to AC 40KW 3 phase off grid solar inverter Inverter DC to AC 40KW 3 phase off grid solar inverter

Pure Sine Wave Inverter Off Grid Inverter Pure Sine Wave Inverter Off Grid Inverter

40KW pure sine wave inverter40KW pure sine wave inverter

40KW DC to AC Inverter40KW DC to AC Inverter

40KW voltage converter40KW voltage converter

off grid DC AC solar power inverter off grid DC AC solar power inverter


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